Events & Cakes by Matilda

From humble beginnings

Cheese Mousse Tea, Fresh Fruits Tea, was the passion of one woman, Events & Cakes by Matilda, raised between Nigeria and United Kingdom. With banking as a background, a passion for food and beautiful things, she decided to open OMMAFI, the first born to the group, one of the few Patisserie with Nigerian ‘sauce’ in United Kingdom.

It was not long before it positioned itself within the hearts of London most especially for new immigrants as the authentic Nigerian Patisserie in the United Kingdom. By serving all sorts of sweet fresh goods: bakery, chocolate, ice cream, Nigerian cuisine etc. It gradually introduced a new dessert culture to Nigerians in diaspora and firmly growing in a thriving population in the country’s food industry.

Where we are today

The demand of our current clients has grown so much over the years that the group will be expanding into other cities for business.

Services we offer

African Food

Varieties of African delicacies that will make you experience Africa even when you’re away.

Cakes & Pastries

Beautiful and sumptuous cakes, different kinds of pastries, for different occasions.

Event Management

Top-notch event management services for weddings, birthdays and other events.